What causes CRPS is not known. In most of the cases it is the trauma. When physical Trauma is associated with  psychological trauma ---- chances of CRPS go up significantly. Example:  A Patient who whom I know lost his son in the accident and also injured his arm. He developed one of the worst forms of CRPS.

We have divided CRPS into three categories
1. post traumatic
2. non traumatic

It is important for all physicians to understand that Crps is in the brain and not in the limb. The pain will remain even if you amputate the limb.

Dr Tramboo MD.


  1. I have chronic pain and it moves around. Once my thigh was burning for 3 days. Now my neck is stiff for 15 weeks now and counting. Before that I had pain in my abdomen for about 3weeks and I have gallstones and my pcp isnt concerned. He puts me on so many drugs like I'm a laboratory rat. I'm getting a woman doctor and see if it's different, see if she hears me. I had this doctor for 7-8 years. And whenever I had a physical problem he sent me to a specialist. Doctors I had in the past would examine me. Not this doctor. So I started giving him a hard time telling him that he's my PCP that he doesn't collaborate with me and make a plan. So he started with trying to get me off of Xanax I've been on it for 40Year's and I was all for it and I managed to cut down but I cant go completely off of them. I said that I want to go to PT for my chronic pain especially my neck right now I do get injections for my hips and I want to try that for my neck. So, I have an appointment for tomorrow and find out. I've got my care team all in an uproar and they finally made a plan. So I'll try it and let you knows how it goes.

    1. I wouldn't do any injections I've had over 3,000 injections in my body and they haven't done anything but make it worse I have CRPS also known as RSD from head to toe got over 300 breaks in my body and one truck accident was run over by a semi and a pickup truck in 29 seconds and believe me you don't want this done send doctors will even destroy your nerves they use steroids and all it does is ruin your nerves I'm begging you don't have this done I've seen more people damaged by injections this is not how you get this disease under control I've had this disease since 1999

  2. Dr Tramboo, just surfed your profile. Looks like you have cracked >30 international patents. This means you are amongst the 100 Best brains in the world. Will like to have interaction with you & your group here in LA. I am working scientific advisor to many research based projects here. Thanks
    Marcus Droegemeier

  3. I have been to the Mayo Clinic a few times. The injections no longer help. All I am taking for it is Lyrica but pain can be intense. I still believe that all of us with CRPS have some common denominator since it is so bizarre. Mine has slowly progressed up both my lower limbs. Run a business & have 4 kids. Has anyone tried any holistic lifestyle or had success with…..? Trying to learn to help us all.

  4. This is one of the worst diseases there is after 26 years of this disease but I have from head to toe it's debilitating sometimes I can't walk breathe eat I'm sick all the time mass of pain burning pins and needles like you wouldn't believe it hurts so bad sometimes to even shower feels like thousands of needles hit in my body and a hundred miles an hour just debilitating I know that if you keep this disease under control with pain medication you can live a good normal life I did for many years but when they started this BS of opiate epidemic that was false it was all about the money the government was spending for people who are disabled and on government help or medications because it was costing them too much money once it started my body started going downhill I couldn't take care of myself let alone my poor best friend my dog or my horse I've lost marriages because of this and the CDC and the government doesn't care most doctors don't care or understand the pain we go through my body changes all the time sometimes I can't walk or it's so hard to walk it hurts so bad somehow we need to band together and stop this madness of letting the government tell the doctors how to treat our disease and not give us the pain medication we need if I can live without any pills shots or anything I would I've done it luckily I'm a strong person very strong I don't let anything beat me but there are days where I almost beg God to let me die because I can't get any doctor to help me because of the CDC and all other forms of government all they care about is the almighty dollar they Don't Care about Us and stay away from injections in your nerves nerve blocks and injections in your epidural space it actually makes things worse and never ever get your nerves burnt so you're not feeling pain because


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